Large collection of new themes for Windows 7 (03/07/2012) free Download Full Version For Pc

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Fresh large collection of the most beautiful and new functionality in order to change the look of the desktop. Evaluate the latest high-quality themes for the design of Windows 7 that will change your desktop perfectly, and you will be comfortable working at a computer. Some themes change everything: sounds, wallpaper, icons, welcome screen of windows, the Start menu and much more. For you have been selected the best of a large number of topics. list:

  • Tonic by 2befree
  • Black and white W7 style (rev. 2) by platov1000
  • Full glass 7
  • Q8 Green
  • Shiki Colors by winplayboy
  • Angel Girl by pp3
  • Angels by pp3
  • Hell by hell_x
  • Mechanoid purple by Creator
  • Mechanoid purple by Creator
  • Mechanoid Red by Creator
  • LAIM VS by evthan
  • Green Goblin By skullsart101
  • Windows 8 Black Version by HKK98
  • Windows 8 by PainteR
  • Tundra vs beta by lordalpha1 (v 0.5)
  • HUD Evolution by Mr Grim
  • Amana2 vs by neiio
  • Stasis 2 by timmymofo
  • World of tanks by skullsart101

How to install themes in Windows 7

  1. Run the program Universal Theme Patcher (is in the archive)
  2. Click "I Agree"
  3. Next colorless shield in the first icon indicates that the files have not yet patched. Click on this icon to patch them
  4. The program will ask to restart and to deny it, we can not.
  5. After rebooting, you can copy the downloaded theme in the folder: C :/ Windows / Resources / Themes.
  6. Now just go, "Personalization" and select the installed theme.

In some archives you can find the folder System Files - these are system files that are not necessarily replace, but for full compliance with the screenshot, you need to be replaced.

How to replace system files in Windows 7 

  1. Turning off the parental control, if it is not done.
  2. Further actions will be applied to any system files that need to be replaced.
  3. Typically, these files are located in C :/ Windows/System32 (C :/ Windows explorer.ehe for an example of which receive and analyze the rights to this file)
  4. Make a backup copy of the file (s) in this case explorer.ehe keep it (them) somewhere, so that later if you change that back to the blank (s)
  5. And so while in the C :/ Windows, right-click on the file and select the item explorer.ehe Properties ---> Security ---> Advanced. Further, Owner ---> Edit, select either the name of his uchetku Lieb admin click Apply then OK and OK again. Now select that by choosing an entry permit which we gave the owner the right and click Edit Permissions, select that record again, which we gave the owner the right and click on Edit, put all the checkboxes and click OK then Apply, click Yes, a window will appear and now OK again and the rest of the windows OK.
  6. All you can now do with this file anything

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